Hello Savers,

“Late is better than never” as we like to say in France!

Here is my FIRE updates for October. As you may know, October was a mess for stock markets. So I am quite grateful not to be invested a lot, and gladly invested as a lower price this month!

I invested a bit more than 600 euros this month:

  • 250€ in my emergency fund (Livret A)
  • 1000€ in my PEA, I bought a classical CW8 world index ETF. I also added 10% of my portfolio in emerging markets.
  • -500€ in Yomoni, an actively managed fund.

I found that Yomoni was giving me less returns than a simple MSCI World index on my PEA. The volatility is also quite similar, so I decided to close it progressively to reinvest it in my PEA.

Now time to keep it cool and wait for the market to go up again… or not!

Here is the graph:

Not bad! Still making progress here.

Let’s meet again at the end of November!

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